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The First Half Of 2015, China's Hardware Industry Trade Overview
Ningbo Jiejie Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2015

  The first half of 2015, the export value of 11.53 trillion yuan, down 6.9% over last year, but the quality and efficiency of foreign trade has improved, overall stable and good, will develop into the norm. Hardware industry as a whole performed well, foreign trade maintained a positive growth of 7.32%, of which exports grew more than 10%.

  According to customs statistics, the first half of 2015, China's hardware industry total imports and exports totaled $ 61.469 billion, an increase of 7.32 percent, the growth rate dropped 1.54 percentage points from a year earlier. Of which: exports totaled $ 50.728 billion, up 10.53 percent over last year increased 2.17 percentage points; total imports of $ 10.741 billion, down 5.65 percent from a year earlier, down 16.57 points. January to June, the industry realized a total trade surplus was $ 39.987 billion, compared with a year earlier, the trade surplus continued to expand, increasing 5.474 billion US dollars, up 15.86 percent growth rate over the last year increased by 4.72 percentage points.

  The first half of 2015, metal products sub-sectors in accordance with the total import and export volume in descending order were: architectural hardware, tools, hardware, sanitary products, hardware, cooking utensils and aluminum products, locks, gas stove, kitchen equipment, stainless steel cutlery zipper and hood. Among them, building hardware, tools, hardware, sanitary products and household hardware four total import and export trade in the first half were accounted for 34.14% of the whole industry, 16.69%, 13.33% and 12.56%.

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