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Mobile Cabinet Mobile Lockers Professional Service
Ningbo Jiejie Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 10, 2017

Mobile Cabinet Portable locker as the earliest one of the most professional warehousing logistics equipment manufacturers, over the years we have been committed to warehousing logistics equipment design, development, production and sales, for the thousands of companies at home and abroad to provide quality products and services, at the same time also make "sharp DE reder" gradually grow into a well-known brands at home and abroad.

Has a team of professional design and manufacture, they from many years engaged in logistics equipment design and manufacturing engineers, portable locker to ensure that our products always maintain the industry leading in design and manufacturing process. Portable locker we always take the customer demand as the guidance, absorbs the domestic and international advanced logistics planning and management technology, concept, to help customers improve efficiency, reduce cost, create profits for the purpose, in line with the aim of safe and efficient and humane, rely on advanced production equipment, has developed a workstation, handling equipment, storage equipment, logistics containers, and other series products, widely used in various industries, for a large number of modern enterprise production and management provides a large number of high-quality products and services, and create a high quality portable locker

Mobile Cabinet As a company with ISO9001 certification, we have been pursuing the perfect product quality. For years, we have unswervingly implement the customer service business philosophy, portable locker we always believe that every worthy of respect for the customer is the most important, REDER sincerely thank you for your support and assistance, and be honored for our cooperation.

Mobile Cabinet Customers are the core of the company! It is the starting point and the end of all the company's work arrangement!

Mobile Cabinet Follow the principle of good faith, quality, service, mobile store content ark adhere to provide customers with quality products, professional service and good after-sales service, pay attention to with customers to establish long-term win-win partnership, mutual trust, cooperation, and create value for customers!

Adhere to the principle of honesty, practicality, cooperation and win-win, sincere communication, integrate the company and supplier resources, serve the esteemed customer, finally realize the win-win!

Employees are the company's greatest wealth! The team's strength is the company's core competence!Mobile Cabinet Follow the "rules of respect, pragmatic, honest, stable, create harmony, cooperation, learning, working environment, to achieve the company's continued growth and employee value synchronous implementation!

The company respects every employee's thought and talent! Company to help every employee found and to develop your strengths, and constantly to help him (her) to strengthen their own advantages, in career development and market competition advantage!

Companies in strict accordance with the modern advanced management system, improve the company's business, financial, personnel and contract management system, standardized operation, reasonable control risk and ensure steady and healthy development for a long period of time!

Mobile Cabinet Respect social and natural environment, life!

Cultivate a healthy and environmentally friendly way of behavior, and let environmental awareness run through our work and life!

Pursue to be creative and dynamic enterprise, become a social responsibility enterprise citizen!

Pursue the enterprise that the staff is proud of!

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