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Metal Workbench The Metal Table Is Installed To Complete The Customer's Required Production System
Ningbo Jiejie Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 15, 2017

Metal Workbench The company is specialized in the design and manufacture of various types of production line equipment manufacturers.Applicable to electronics, metal table electrical appliances, plastics, hardware, lighting, home appliances, food and other industries, according to customer product process planning, design, manufacture and installation of customer needs production system. The company more than 50 professional and technical backbone, production and installation personnel engaged in industrial production line equipment for many years, has accumulated a wealth of manufacturing, installation experience in the industry established a good reputation, the products are sold to various provinces.

The main products are:

    Metal Workbench All kinds of home appliances: cars, air conditioning, electronics, communications, mobile phones, electrical, logistics, electricity, electricity, refrigerator, washing machine, LED lights, LED display, TV (LCD), monitor, notebook computer chassis, , Microwave ovens, disinfection cabinet, drinking fountains, water purification machines, gas appliances, rice cookers, welding machines, induction cooker, electric pressure cookers, and other sets of production lines.

    2. Main business products: metal table speed assembly aging test line, chain plate line, belt line, drum line, network with lines, electronic assembly line, tooling plate assembly line, ring assembly line, computer assembly aging line, silk screen drying line, Wiring board, patch line, patch conveyor, double-sided belt conveyor line, double-sided belt conveyor line, double-sided belt conveyor line, double-sided belt conveyor line Stainless steel mesh belt line. Teflon transmission line, chain conveyor line, turning belt machine, power roller conveyor line, no power roller line. Tooling plate conveyor line, hanging chain line, Teflon mesh belt, tunnel Drying lines, production lines, assembly lines, such as the design of one-stop service!

    3. Direct transportation equipment: reciprocating lifts, continuous lifts, hydraulic lifts, and so on

    4. Anti-static table: metal table aluminum table, stainless steel table, lean pipe (bar) table, lean pipe (wire rod) connector

   Metal Workbench Since the establishment of the company to domestic well-known enterprises for the market, relying on its own technology and after-sales service advantages, the development of growing. The most advanced production line equipment, the most preferential prices, the most perfect service is our service purposes.

Company to "quality first, the credibility of the first, practical first, service first" business purpose in a professional, dedicated, innovative entrepreneurial spirit, and constantly go beyond the self, and simple style, reasonable prices, good service, excellent The quality of dedication to the general customer service, and for the user to solve the practical difficulties encountered in production.

  To the quality of production, technology and development.

  The spirit of enterprise: customer - oriented, scientific and technological innovation.

  Quality objectives: not the most complete, just the best.

  Service Mission: save every minute, create value for customers

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