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Metal Workbench Metal Workstations Developed Station Equipment
Ningbo Jiejie Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 11, 2017

 Metal Workbench Metal workstations specializing in the production of automated production lines and workstations, storage equipment, is the earliest and most professional industrial automation equipment and warehousing logistics equipment manufacturers, over the years we have been committed to the assembly line, storage shelves, automated production line design , Production and sales, for thousands of domestic enterprises to provide high-quality products and services.

Metal Workbench The metal table has a professional design and manufacturing team, which has been engaged in industrial equipment design and manufacturing engineers for many years to ensure that our products in the design and manufacturing process has always been to maintain the industry leader. We always take the customer's needs as the guide, learn from the international and domestic advanced industrial equipment planning and management techniques, ideas to help customers improve efficiency, reduce costs and create profits for the purpose of safety and efficiency and humane purpose, metal work Taiwan to rely on advanced production equipment, the development of the station equipment, handling equipment, storage equipment, logistics containers, and other products, widely used in various industries, for a large number of modern enterprise production and management provides a large number of high-quality products and services, To meet our customers one-stop shopping. We have been in the pursuit of product quality perfect. Metal table for many years, we have been unswervingly implement the business philosophy for customers, we always firmly believe that every customer is worthy of the most important, Hefei Zhen Yue Industrial Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely thank you for your support and To help, and for our cooperation deeply honored.


Metal Workbench Follow the principle of integrity, quality, service, adhere to provide customers with quality products, professional services and good after-sales service, pay attention to customers and the establishment of long-term mutual trust and cooperation win-win partnership for customers to create value!

   Metal Workbench Follow the integrity, pragmatic, cooperative, win-win principle, sincere communication, integration of company and supplier resources, services to respect for customers, and ultimately achieve a win-

Employees are the company's greatest wealth! The strength of the team is the company's core competitiveness!

Follow the "respect, sound, pragmatic, frank rules, create a harmonious, cooperative, learning work atmosphere, to achieve the company's performance continued growth and employee value synchronization to achieve!"

Company respect every employee's thinking, ability! The company helps every employee to discover and develop his own strengths, and continue to help him (her) to strengthen their own advantages in the career development and market competition in the advantage!

Companies in strict accordance with the modern company's advanced management system, improve the company's business, finance, personnel, contracts and other management system, standardize the operation and reasonable control of risk, to ensure long-term sound and healthy development!

Metal Workbench Cultivate healthy, environmentally friendly behavior, so that environmental awareness throughout our work, life which!

The pursuit of a creative and dynamic enterprises, to become a corporate social responsibility!

Integrity management, the appropriate sales, the company is to develop product prices to follow the basic rules for customers to provide cost-effective products. Pay attention to customers and the establishment of long-term mutual trust and cooperation win-win partnership for customers to create value.

Companies respect the dealer's labor and wisdom, pay attention to integrity, pragmatic, long-term cooperation in principle, to support the dealer's market development work, most of the profit space to the middlemen, to achieve a win-

The company selected the market potential, competitive advantage, suitable for channel expansion of products, to seek a market perspective of the regional distributors, for the national market, and gradually establish a mature intermediary channel to achieve win-win!

The company will be in a "reasonable program, high-quality products, affordable prices, improve the pre-sale service," the operating principle of the new and old customers continue to provide comprehensive and comprehensive services

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