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The basic Tools in a Homeowner Tool Set

Ningbo Jiejie Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 05, 2017

Usually, most families will prepare a homeowner tool set for contingencies, such as changing a bulb, making a shelf, or dealing with a raised nail. So what are the commonly manual tools in a homeowner tool set?

1.   Wrench

It is a hand tool that holds the opening or sleeve of a bolt or nut. It tightens bolts, nuts, screws and other threads with lever principle. Wrenches are usually in the handle at one or both ends of the chuck, when used in the direction of rotation along the thread in the handle to exert an external force, you can screw the bolt, nut bolts, nut openings or sets of holes.

2.  Hammer

It is a tool that moves or deforms by tapping an object. The most commonly used hammer is to knock the nails, correct or knock the object. Hammer has a variety of styles. The common one is the handle plus the top of the metal composition. The top side is easy to beat the plane, the other side is the hammer. The shape of the hammer has a horn and wedge of the points, you can reach the function of pulling out the nail.

2.  Screwdriver

It is a tool used to screw a screw to force it in place or to lift it, usually with a thin wedge-shaped head that can be inserted into the groove or notch of the screw nail head, and a handle with a handle. It is also known as "screwdriver".

3.   Tape measure

A Tape is a very common measuring tool in everyday life. The most common one is the steel tape, it is commonly used in the construction and decoration, but it is also one of the necessary tools for the family. It can be divided into tape, fiber tape, and waist tape and so on. Luban feet, feng shui feet, and literati also belong to the steel tape.

4.   Pliers

It is a hand tool used to hold the workpiece or bend, twist, and cut the wire. The shape of the pliers is V-shaped, usually including three parts, the handle, pliers and jaws. The handle part is usually fitted with an insulating non-slip sleeve.

6. Wire pliers

The wire pliers are a clamp and shearing tool, consisting of a jaw and a jaw handle bar, which includes a needle nose, a jaw, a knife edge, and a gate. The role of the various parts of the pliers are: ① tooth socket used to fasten, loosen the nut; ② knife used to cut the soft wire rubber or plastic insulation layer can also be used to cut wire, wire; Used to cut off the wire, wire and other hard metal wire; ④ pliers of insulated plastic pipe pressure 500V or more, you can safely cut the wire.

7.  Sharp nose pliers

Also known as repair mouth pliers, they are mainly used to cut the smaller diameter single strand and multi-strand line, and to remove plastic insulation layers and bending circles of the single-pointed needle nose clamp wires. It is also one of the most commonly tools used by electricians. It is made of knife-edge, pointed and clamp handle. The tip of the electric screwdriver is also covered with an insulating sleeve with a rated voltage of 500V. The needle nose pliers are used as a result of the use of a narrower head. The correct way to handle the wire with a straight nose clamp is to turn the thread head to the left and then bend it right in the clockwise direction.

8. Wire strippers

Stripping pliers for the wire electrical, electrical instrumentation instrument repair one of the commonly used tools. It is made up of crimps, knives and clamps. The clamp clamp of the wire stripper has a rated working voltage of 500V insulation sleeve, suitable for rubber insulated wire, plastic, cable core stripping. The correct use of the method is: to be peeling the thread placed in the edge of the jaw, hand to the middle of the two clamp handle force, the intensity should be moderate, so that the insulation will be separated from the core.

9. Mustimeter

By the measurement circuit, the first table and the switch and other three main components, mainly used to measure the current and so on.

10. Wallpaper knife

Blade sharp, used to cut wallpaper and the like, hence the name "wallpaper knife", also known as "art knife." Decoration, decoration, billboard industry often used.

11. Electric knife

Electric knife is a commonly used cutting tool for electricians. Ordinary electric knife by the blade, knife, blade, knife and other components. When not in use, the blade shrinks into the knife handle to prevent accidental injury. The blade root is hinged directly to the shank, with a graduated line and a scale mark, which can be used for the measurement at the time of cutting. The front end of the formation of a screwdriver head, both sides of the processing of a razor area, the blade has a concave curved machete mouth, the end of the curling knife to form a knife tip, knife handle with a knife to prevent the rebound. Electric knife blade collection has a number of functions, use only an electric knife can be completed to connect the wire of the operation, without carrying other tools, with easy to use, simple structure, versatile and other benefits.

12. Hacksaw

Including hand saws (household, carpentry), folding saws (pruning), trimming (branching pruning), hand-mounted saws, slitting saws (carpentry), trim saws (woodworking), cross- Foot: level with a horizontal bubble, can be used to test, commissioning, measuring equipment is installed level.

13. Rasp

There are many fine knife teeth on the surface, hand tools for filing light parts. Used for micro-processing of metal, leather, wood and other surface.

14. Test pen

It is also called electro-test pen, referred to as "electric pen". It is an electrical tool used to test whether the wire is live. Pen body has a neon bubble, when the test if the neon bulb light, indicating the wire charged, or for the passage of the line of fire. Test pen tip, pen tail made of metal materials, pen made of insulating material. When using the test pen, be sure to touch the metal part of the end of the test pen. Otherwise due to live body, test pen, the human body and the earth did not form a loop between the test pen in the neon bubble will not light, resulting in misjudgment, that the charged body is not charged and may have dangerous consequences.

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