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Hardware tools need to break through technical obstacle brand expand market

Ningbo Jiejie Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 31, 2015
Source: Metric steel tape 5m 3m   Wrench   Fiber handle claw hammer

  In recent years, China's hardware tools industry has been in a rising stage of development, according to the statistics, Chinese exports of hardware tools, for many years to maintain double-digit growth.

  Hardware and tools industry in China regarded the old industry, but now still can not compete with international brands, in addition to their lack of technological development for high-end products, there is a domestic market for its own brand of quality and a serious lack of confidence, leading China's hardware tools Enterprises own brand difficult. Some enterprises in order to seize the market, can only seek development by OEM, can not help but think, own brands really can not go abroad, why should openly seize foreign brands in the domestic market! How to promote their products out, we believe this is the direction of the next few years the development of hardware tools.

  Now, businesses are beginning to humane, intelligent path of development, in order to allow hardware tools to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, must be committed to the development of new products, and gradually develop a professional R & D team, the early realization of China-made high-end products technology, no longer dependent on imports. Development of industrial clusters, to promote industrial optimization and upgrading, so that the competitive advantages of the industry groups is more uncertain. Continue to explore, out of their own brand construction of the road, with a guarantee of quality, high-quality, trusted brand, popular in the domestic market, mopping up the international market, a truly powerful hardware tools!

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