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Hardware industry innovation development

Ningbo Jiejie Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 22, 2017

In recent years,  China's hardware market development momentum to the good, the hardware  industry has become an important area to stimulate consumption and  increase economic growth point. At present,  China's major industries mainly in the low-end products, high-end  products and key components have not yet achieved localization. To  achieve the core technology of autonomy, innovation and development of  the hardware industry, as soon as possible in the international market  occupy a place, become the common aspiration of Chinese hardware  enterprises.

China's hardware market  prospects, the rapid development of the hardware industry, regardless of  the number of products or production scale has leap-style improvement  and development, sales and export volume increasing. However,  China's huge consumer market continues to attract the attention of  foreign hardware companies, more and more hardware multinational  companies appear in the Chinese market.

China's hardware  industry should not only play a fundamental advantage as a traditional  industry, but also continue to promote the upgrading of industrial  structure, improve the competitiveness of high-end products market, the  early realization of labor-intensive to technology-intensive industries,  shortening the international hardware industry with the advanced level gap.

Traditional industries  produce products that are necessary for daily production and life, and  new industries are mostly developed by traditional industries. China's industry has such a fundamental advantage. However,  with the development of the times, the traditional industries need to  keep pace with the times, carry out industrial transformation to seek  new development, there is no backward industry, only backward production  methods. Hardware enterprises should enhance the  sense of innovation, training the formation of professional R & D  team, and vigorously develop high-end product development technology,  the early realization of high-end products localization; optimize the  industrial structure, promote industrial upgrading; the development of  industrial clusters, enhance industry competitive advantage; Actively explore foreign markets.

B2B for the hardware industry innovation and development provides a good side. Rooted  in the traditional industry, through B2B marketing and service to  promote the two-line layout, can effectively promote the product, the  dissemination of brand and display services, and optimize the industrial  chain, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Specifically,  the hardware industry B2B for enterprises and customers, enterprises  and upstream and downstream industries, enterprises and peers to  establish an ecological system, the supply can be direct demand, and to  achieve the best value, and vice versa.

The future development of  the hardware industry, both inseparable from the traditional foundation  of the advantages, but also inseparable from the promotion of B2B  innovation platform role. Hardware industry This tree only take enough nutrients, and stretch the leaves make up the sun, can grow into a forest.

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